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© Sibel Schick

Welcome to my blog! Above my picture you will find links to my articles about Turkey, feminism, sexism in media and minority rights, and one exception. Some of the articles were written both in German and Turkish, some not.

The name is Sibel Schick and I was born on a wednesday on the hot southwest coast of Turkey as the only child of an arranged marriage. I left my home 2009 due to the threefold discrimination I experienced as a kurdish alevi woman. Currently I’m working as a freelance journalist and social media manager, while I’m doing an internship at a Berlin based nationwide newspaper. I left my cats Wilma and Gisela back at my mother’s to come to Berlin and my heart is bleeding.

When my heart is not bleeding and I am not doing an internship in another city I spend most of my time at TH Köln where I study Online-Redaktion and writing articles for various media, mostly for taz. Besides I am keeping busy with feminist activism on the proactive platform erktolia.org which I co-founded, the turkish version of the international anti-sexist community macholand.org. Except for that I enjoy harassing sexist heterosexual cis-males on Twitter regularly. I make and cherish music in my spare time and watch a lot of comedies.


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